we are a small dynamic entrepreneurial consulting firm with imagination, creativity and resourcefulness, the most important qualifications the new markets and the watershed changes in the global economy demand

we have been exposed in our work, in our life, in our education to a great variety of experiences, ideas, management approaches and business practices and cultures from all over the world

our base, to the extent that one can limit physically ideas and imagination, is in the United States, but our activities are limited only by our enthusiasm

we do our work with ingenuity and passion

we are general managers and we concentrate our activities in the area of strategic management, the heart of entrepreneurship that touches all business functions and activities

we emphasize awareness of and responsiveness to the ongoing market changes, creation of long term competitive advantages, innovation and growth

we do not offer "theories", "concepts", "fads", just solid, entrepreneurial business management leveraging our familiarity with a variety of management approaches from the global economy that allows us to offer innovative and resourceful solutions

we offer consulting services in planning our clients' future and in solving their problems in the areas of business strategy and marketing strategy, primarily through business plans and marketing plans

we publish the bluewave an e-zine with management ideas for managers and entrepreneurs in the global economy

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